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Music has played an important role in my life for as long as I can remember. Playing music, singing, listening to albums/CDs/MP3s, attending lots and lots of's all good! I have nowhere to discuss it and am kind of tired of posting things to my facebook page (where I'm sure most of my friends are tired of seeing all my ramblings, too!). So...that lead me here. Who knows if anyone will see this and read it. I suppose I should have titled the blog "Just You and Me...Talking About Music Again" because it would be a lot more fun for me if other people talk about music with me! I love to get recommendations for great tunes...all genres. Please know, though...I'm not a fan of country music. You can still suggest songs for me to listen to and I promise to try 'em out but can't promise I'll like them if they're country! :) So, please join about music...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bands/groups/singers whom you don't like yet you like...

Do you know what I mean? There are groups out there whose music is not really my favorite...maybe something about it usually irritates me. But...I sometimes have a handful of songs from the same source which I actually like...a lot. Two rock groups that I feel that way about are The White Stripes and Beck. I'm not what you would call a 'fan' of either, really, but they do both have some good pieces. I'll come back later and tell you which ones in case you're not familiar with them. :)

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